Father Henryk Wos

       Father Henryk Wos was born in 1971 in Jezowe, Poland.  His pastoral studies began in the Diocesan Seminary in Rzeszów, which is in southeast Poland, from 1992-1998, and he later finished with a Master's degree in Theology from the Pontifical Academy of Theology in Kraków.  In May of that year, he was ordained to the Holy Priesthood.  
       After ordination, Father Henryk worked for three years as an assistant in two parishes in the diocese of Rzeszów, in addition to teaching at a local school.  Then in 2001, the bishop of his diocese sent him to Rome, Italy, to continue his theological studies.  He studied Missiology at the “Urbanianum” Pontifical University in Rome and was a resident of The Saint Peter International College, and later of The Polish Pontifical Institute in Rome.
        On October 12, 2007, Father Henryk received his Doctorate of Missiology at this university.  During  his two last years of study in Rome, he lived in the Italian parish there and helped with the pastoral work, and during the summer vacations, he helped several other parishes in Italy, Germany, and Austria. 

        In late 2007, he returned to Poland and started working in the missionary department of his diocese until July 2008.  After that time, Father Henryk came to the United States, and for ten months, assisted in the pastoral work at St. Therese Roman-Catholic Parish, Rothschild, WI.  Also while in Wisconsin, he took part in the ESL program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, finishing the last level of the program in May 2009, and then returned to Poland.
        In the summer of 2010, Father Henryk began his studies at the Savonarola Theological Seminary of the Polish National Catholic Church, in Scranton, PA in preparation for his pastoral work within the PNCC.  Officially on November 16, 2010, he was assigned as pastor of Our Saviour's Parish, Woonsocket, RI.  We are also blessed to have his wife Renata, and daughters Berenika, Patrycja, and Sara with us in our parish.