Other important events:

On May 25, 1924, for the cost of $25,000, the parish purchased a rectory, hall for the Polish school, and theater, and dedicated the Church on 120 Arnold St, which from that time until 1962, was the place of worship.

Later in the year 1924, the parish purchased the ground for cemetery (49.5 acres) in East Blackstone, MA. The debt was paid off completely in 1943.

In the year 1943, the parish paid the debt on the church.  Then in 1950, a rectory was purchased on 473 South Main St, Woonsocket.

On March 25, 1962, a disastrous fire ruined the church on Arnold St, and the members were compelled to build a new church.

On November 26, 1963, land for a new church and rectory was purchased at 500 Smithfield Rd, and on June 16, 1964, the building of a new rectory was started.

On November 15, 1964, the members witnessed the ground breaking for the new church.

On October 10, 1965 the new Church was completed and dedicated at the cost of $200,000.

The Priests which come originally from Our Saviour Parish in Woonsocket: Rev. Stanisław Haczyński and Rev. Paweł Kozłowski

History of Our Saviour's Parish   

       The Parish of Our Saviour of the Polish National Catholic Church in Woonsocket, RI, was organized as a result of a group of people who wanted to find within this church a freedom of conscience, true teaching and spirit of the Master of Nazareth, deep faith in Divine Providence and an unyielding love of truth, equality and justice, a church dedicated to the service of God's Kingdom and the salvation of mankind.

       On December 2, 1923, Mrs. J. Chrzaszcz, M. Chomka, W. Ostrowski and A. Pluta sought the aid of Bishop-elect Valentine Gawrychowski of Central Falls, RI, to organize the parish.  Among its honorable organizers, in addition to the above mentioned, are the Mrs. J.Dobrowolski, L. Furman, F. Sobota, A. Roszkowski, L. Sambor and W. Wnek.
        The first pastor to be assigned to the newly organized parish was the Rt. Rev. Valentine Gawrychowski, and on March 2, 1924, the first Mass was celebrated in the Methodist Church on 17 Federal St, Woonsocket, RI.