Our Saviour's Parish
Polish National Catholic Church
500 Smithfield Road
Woonsocket, RI  02895
Father Henryk Wos, Pastor


Altar Servers

The duty of our altar servers is to assist the pastor at the altar during all church services
and at any other necessary religious events.  They also help to prepare the altars and
everything that is used on them before the service.  
       Serving on the altar is a special opportunity for young hearts to serve God.  A child's character can be influenced in a positive way, while being so close to the sacred mystery where bread and wine change into the body and blood of Christ.

       Our parish currently has altar servers under the leadership of senior altar server Ian Gonyea; they include Berenika Wos, Cody Gonyea, Justyna Pietrus, Damian Pietrus,          Jaimee Dalton, and Jacob Forbes.

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